All coffee, no beans — brewing a new kind of coffee

All coffee, no beans — brewing a new kind of coffee

Compound Foods grew out of my deep concern as a Costa Rican about the future of coffee. I love coffee, I love how it smells, how it tastes, the memories it brings up. And because I love it, I am worried about its future and impact on the planet. Compound is the place where I marry my love for coffee and sustainability. And coffee is just the start.

Over the last few years, I have been working in biotechnology, understanding the latest advances and exploring applying these technologies to impact the world positively. Biotech companies are already working to address the causes 1- 4 of deforestation (beef, soy, palm oil, and wood), and I thought: “What about coffee?”

Our Partners

We came up with this great scientific approach to help the environment, but that isn’t enough. How do we simultaneously try to help the planet, and the livelihoods of so many people, in many cases, my people? With or without us, their livelihoods are being impacted by climate change. We will support small artisanal coffee farmers transitioning to more sustainable agricultural and land-use practices. We are establishing partnerships with NGOs in the field to support their work and help small coffee farmers transition from a crop that is no longer sustaining them into a climate-resilient future.

Come reinvent coffee

Today we announced our seed round. We are grateful to have deeply supportive investors who get it, including Lowercarbon Capital, SVLC, Humboldt Fund, Collaborative Fund, Maple VC, Petri Bio, One Way Ventures, Ulu Ventures, and key angel investors.

The Compound Foods team!


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