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Its coffee minus the coffee. Minus Cold Brew is coffee made without coffee beans. It uses low water, upcycled ingredients to create the same taste as coffee with a fraction of the environmental footprint.

Date Seeds, Chicory, Sunflower seeds, Carob, Lentils, Grape Seeds, Millet Malt, Caffeine, Natural Flavors.

Our caffeine is extracted from tea leaves

It is a medium roast coffee with notes of cacao, almonds and cherry. Crisp and chocolate-y at the same time.

100 mg per 8.4oz

Just like coffee. We roast and ferment our ingredients and then cold brew into Minus Coffee. Learn more about our process.

Climate change is affecting coffee yields, and coffee is affecting climate change as well. This means double trouble!

Coffee is also one of the most consumed products in the world and it ranks sixth among the 10 most polluting food products.

We are partnering with an organization in Central America that is helping coffee farmers transition to agroforestry systems and crops that are more climate resilient and revenue generating for them. 

It doesn’t contain the top 8 allergens.



We are featuring an American illustrator, Calvin Sprague. His style is a mashup of Bauhaus, pop psychedelics, and colorful constructivism pieces. Here is a small piece of the design process behind his creation:

What inspired you to do this pattern?

I made this work based on subjects I am deeply rooted in, vintage psychedelic themes. Similar to The Beatle’s Yellow Submarine, trippy retro visuals from the 60s and 70s are some of my favorite aesthetics. Since this is a coffee drink, I felt the idea of having a constant, flowing illustration would portray the drink’s energetic characteristic as a unique alternative to coffee.

Walk us through the process from ideation to final illustration

I find it helpful to start with rough pencil sketches before moving on to the computer. I like to run through many ideas before I work through them further. After the general idea is locked down, it’s simplified, refined, and balanced through color until the illustration is just right.


What was your favorite part about the process?

I love working with food and beverage. I can visualize a taste or an experience that makes the whole process feel extra special. How can you entice someone to try a product without ever tasting it? What makes it stand out from the rest of the products? These are the questions I ask myself while designing food and beverage packaging.

For more information about Calvin, visit his website:

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