Our cold brew is coffee, crafted to conserve.

Here’s the thing - even coffee doesn’t taste like coffee beans. Coffee is fermented to produce a specific flavor that we now know and love as coffee. And we do the same thing with other ingredients.

We roast and grind upcycled pits, roots, and seeds. This replaces the need for coffee beans and tames the environmental circus show.

We then ferment and brew this better-for-earth blend just like real coffee with the perfect bite of caffeine. There’s no molecular witchcraft. Just whole foods, fermentation and a new take on cold brew.

Fermentation, an ancient craft for preserving & transforming food.

We’re transforming coffee and preserving the planet.

A well kept secret is that coffee already undergoes a complex fermentation process. Many farmers around the world change the flavor of their coffee beans by changing their fermentation process.

We have spent a lot of time studying coffee fermentation and the coffee microbiome. Now we are developing products to leverage microbes and fermentation to recreate the flavors of coffee. 

Thanks to the wonders of fermentation, we’re able to lose the beans and culture alternative crops into the best-tasting (and best-behaving) cold brew. 

A Delicious Wake up call

What if we told you it was possible to create coffee with different ingredients that taste exactly like your fave cold brew?

Intense chicory, and sweet carob get roasted for a deep molasses body. A dusting of cocoa and nuts comes from earthy lentils and toasted sunflower seeds. Grape seeds surprise with a buttery pie crust essence, and date seeds punch in with fruit and flower power. Burnt sugar millet malt helps bring forth a bright, and citrusy acidity. Then the roasted grounds are brewed in this fermentation extract to produce our silky, caffeinated cold coffee.


Chicory is intensely full-bodied. As dark and rich as black tilled earth.

Date Seeds

Date seeds create a nutty, fruity party in your mug.

Grape Seeds

Roasted grape seeds do some heavy lifting, tasting like strawberry pie with a chocolate crust.


The thick sweetness of roasted carob is exactly like pulling a molten golden marshmallow off the skewer.


Light. Floral. Down-to-earth. Lentils level out our cold brew.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are like maids of honor, giving heartfelt toasts with nutty anecdotes

It’s Made like coffee. Minus the coffee.